Justice & Community Integration

Adult Behavioral Health Court Program

This program is designed to offer alternative treatment options to incarceration of mentally ill offenders who are on felony probation, Post Release Community Supervision, or Mandatory Community Supervision.  This program is a collaborative partnership between BHRS, County Judge, Deputy District Attorney, Deputy Public Defender, and Deputy Probation Officer.  The program is tailored to the specific needs of the consumer, who agrees to participate in this program, and can last between 12 and 18 months in a structured three phase treatment program. Consumers who successfully complete this program may have their chargers reduced to a misdemeanor and/or termination of probation.

Jail Services Program

This is a collaborative agreement between BHRS and Merced County Sherriff’s Office in order to create a seamless transitions of behavioral health services to discharging inmates who suffer from mental illness and/or co-occurring conditions.  Jail services for this program are limited to linking and facilitating a smooth reintegrating of the inmate/consumer back into the community by coordinating ongoing needed services with BHRS providers or other community resources.

Pretrial Services Program

BHRS, through MHSA, has expanded our current Dual Diagnosis Program to serve individuals who meet criteria for SMI and those with Mild to Moderate mental illness.  The program provides a clinician and Mental Health Worker (Case Manager) to provide services to a population of individuals pending criminal proceedings for minor offences who might suffer from a mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders.  BHRS staff provide a comprehensive assessment and provide services that meet the clients where they are at, and provide intensive services in order to facilitate an alternative service instead of being in jail awaiting court proceedings.  Services can include, assessment, therapy, collateral, case management, and rehabilitation services within the Dual Diagnosis model of recovery.