Ben Rodriguez


Division Manager Ben Rodriguez began his career with Merced County Probation on September 17, 2007, as a Juvenile Institutions Officer.  He was promoted to Juvenile Institutions Officer III on March 29, 2010, and then to Supervising Juvenile Institutions Officer on July 14, 2014.  As a Supervising Juvenile Institutions Officer, he was assigned to the Bear Creek Academy Program.  Ben has been a Supervising Probation Officer since October 1, 2018. During his tenure as a Supervising Probation Officer, Ben has been assigned to the Juvenile Division overseeing Juvenile Supervision.

On December 5, 2022, Ben was promoted to Division Manager and is assigned to the Iris Garrett Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex. 

In addition to the aforementioned, Ben is certified to teach a multitude of perishable skills, including but not limited to Chemical Agents, Weaponless Defense, Room Extraction, Tactical Communication, and Unarmed Survival.