Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP)

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What Is the LRSP?

The County of Merced is developing a comprehensive Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP). The LRSP will enable the County to enhance traffic safety for all modes of transportation and for all ages and abilities.

The LRSP will be achieved through a decision-making process that relies on the evaluation of a comprehensive collision database, partnership with stakeholders, and public outreach using the four "E's of traffic safety: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Medical Services.

The development of the LRSP is funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and is a requirement for the County to be eligible to receive federal funding for local roadway safety improvement projects in the future.

The LRSP will identify safety patterns throughout the County. The LRSP will also result in a toolbox of countermeasures to address the safety patterns as well as proposed projects to improve safety at key locations. The plan will use data-driven collision analysis of local roadways to identify transportation safety improvement needs, including pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety improvements. Stakeholders and input from community members will also play a key role in the LRSP’s development process and implementation. The public is encouraged to report any areas of concern through the use of the interactive map link provided below in the section entitled “Report Your Area of Concern.”

Report Your Area of Concern

Your input is essential for the success of this Local Road Safety Plan.  Complete the Online Questionnaire to provide us with your concerns regarding traffic and safety.

Last date to report your concerns: Friday, March 31, 2023

Comment examples:

  • This roadway segment is uncomfortable for walking and biking
  • Cars don't stop at this stop-controlled intersection
  • Speeding on this roadway segment