Williamson Act

Status of the Act

On July 25, 2000, pursuant to the state Williamson Act, the Board of Supervisors adopted Local Rules of Procedures, a Fee Schedule Policy, a Contract Template and established an Agricultural Preserve boundary, thereby creating a local voluntary, differential tax assessment program to preserve agricultural lands.

On August 18, 2009, the Board determined that it would not accept any new land under Williamson Act Contract as a result of state action to halt tax reimbursement (subvention) payments to the County.

As a result, MERCED COUNTY IS NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS TO PLACE NEW LAND UNDER WILLIAMSON ACT CONTRACT. This action may be rescinded by the Board of Supervisors at such time the state determines to again provide subvention payments to the County, or should the Board determine they wish revisit their policy.

Property Line Adjustments

If you are completing a property line adjustment for your property which is under Williamson Act contract, a revision to your contract is required. You must complete the Application Form, below, and submit it along with the $400 fee. Applications (referred to as ‘Rescind and Reenter’) as a result of a property line adjustment require Board approval. Due to processing and agendizing times, THE DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR A PROPERTY LINE ADJUSTMENT WITH CORRESPONDING WILLIAMSON ACT ADJUSTMENT IS SEPTEMBER 30. Any PLA applications received after that time will not be completed until after December 31st.

Read the Memo Regarding End-of-Year Processing for Property Line Adjustments

Regulations and Application Resources

Non-Renewal Resources