S.E.T. Team

Sheriffs Enforcement Team Header

The Merced County Sheriff’s Enforcement team and Code Enforcement Bureau play a pivotal role in fostering safer communities and stronger bonds among our residents. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to promoting the safety and security of every neighborhood in Merced County. Through proactive measures and effective enforcement, we strive to create an environment where residents feel safe and protected. From addressing property violations to enforcing regulations, the SET Team and Code Enforcement Bureau work tirelessly to ensure compliance, eliminate potential hazards, and enhance overall community well-being.

Our mission; however, goes beyond enforcement alone. Building strong bonds among neighbors is essential for creating a harmonious living environment. The Merced County SET Team and Code Enforcement Bureau actively work to encourage unity and cooperation among community members. By organizing neighborhood watch programs, community events, and educational initiatives, we facilitate opportunities for residents to connect, communicate, and support one another.  

The Merced County SET Team and Code Enforcement Bureau strive to create a comprehensive support network through collaboration with local organizations, schools, and community leaders. The SET Team and Code Enforcement Bureau work with local organizations to provide resources to those in need of shelter, food, and other necessities. We also work with other county departments, such as environmental health, planning, and buildings department, to maintain a higher quality of life in Merced County by working together and addressing violations at different parcels. The teams also work hand in hand with other department units, such as the civil unit, detective unit, training unit, and animal services, whenever possible to go above and beyond to assist the community in any way possible.

Ultimately, the Merced County SET Team and Code Enforcement's efforts aim to create a secure and harmonious living environment for all residents. By promoting safety, fostering unity, and strengthening bonds among neighbors, we ensure that Merced County remains a place where individuals and families can thrive.