Application Status


Below are three examples of the different ways to search for your applications. You will need to know some information about the application or the parcel in order to complete the search. VISIT THE SEARCH.

1. Use the Application Number or Prefix and the Two-Digit Year

This is the best way to search for your project. For example:

Administrative Action - 2003
Example - AA03
If you do not know the entire number this will produce a list.
Administrative Action - 2003, with the actual sequential number - 052
Example - AA03-052
This is the entire number of your application.

Abbreviations of Types of Projects

Abbreviation Full Name
Full Name
Abbreviation Full Name
AA Administrative Application
MAS Major Subdivision
PPR Plot Plan Review
AS Antiquated Subdivision MD Minor Deviation PLA Property Line Adjustment
APEA Appeal MHS Mobile Home Storage TRP Temporary Residence Permit
CC Certificate of Compliance MISC Miscellaneous VM Voluntary Merger
CUP Conditional Use Permit MM Minor Modification ZC Zone Change
EXT Extension MS Minor Subdivision ZCTA Zone Code Text Amendment
GPTA General Plan Amendment PD Plan Development ZV Zone Variance
HM Home Occupation

2. Search by Location

To search for a project by location, you would select the search by "site address" and "contains". For example, if you type in Buhach, a list will appear for selection.

3. Search by Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)

For example, for a project located on Buhach Rd., you would select the search by "Site APN" and "begins with or contains." Then type in 005 for the book number and a list will appear for selection. If you have the entire number, such as 0053700001, type it without dashes, as shown.