About the Human Services Agency


The Merced County Human Services Agency provides immediate assistance in crisis situations to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. We also help people and families when they are temporarily unable to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.

But our most vital role is prevention and fostering self-sufficiency. We support an array of organizations that teach people how to avoid placing themselves at risk - and how to attain economic independence. This includes preventing child abuse and domestic violence, counseling for drug and alcohol problems, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and training for jobs that can break the cycle of poverty and enable people to support themselves and their families.

In addition, we assist senior citizens and disabled adults in achieving the greatest degree of independence possible, sponsoring services such as food deliveries, caregiver support, assistance with transportation, and help with home repairs.

In 2005 alone, the Merced County Human Services Agency assisted more than 45,000 children, 28,000 families and 25,000 adults through state and federal programs that bring nearly $315 million into Merced County annually. That funding and our work is aimed at a single purpose: To build strong, healthy families and improve the quality of life in our community.


Strong, healthy families in a resourceful community.


Improve the well-being of our community through service and partnership.