Perinatal Recovery Program


The Perinatal Recovery Program offers specialty services to women who need treatment for a substance use disorder. Women do not need to be pregnant in order to receive services.

Services include but not limited to the following: Intake, Assessment, Treatment Planning, Individual, Group counseling, Collateral, Crisis, Discharge Planning, Aftercare, and Referrals.

Consumers who meet the perinatal and/or postpartum criteria shall be given priority admission into treatment services which shall include mother/child rehabilitative services, assistance with access to services, educational services and linkages with ancillary services.

Mother/Child Rehabilitative Services

  1. Outpatient perinatal services shall include a thorough assessment of the parent's needs.
  2. Consumers shall be assigned a primary counselor and placed into parenting groups that focus on improving parenting skills, increasing mother and child interactions, healthy communications skills, boundaries, positive discipline, and positive role modeling skills. Parenting groups/activities involve structured and non-structured activities for parent and child interactions.
  3. The interactive skills building with parents shall include skills building child development education and supportive role modeling. Children shall be under the parents' care and supervision while participating in services, during which there is a limit of twelve children or less at any time.
  4. Mother/child rehabilitative services are available on a daily basis (Monday through Friday)

Priority Access

Federal regulations require that programs which serve women, an injecting drug abuse population, and which receive Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG) funds give preference to pregnant and post-partum women.

  1. Pregnant injecting drug users
  2. Pregnant substance abusers
  3. Injecting drug users
  4. All others

Access to Services

Consumers who do not have transportation may receive assistance through the perinatal program with designated program assistant staff providing transportation to and from medically necessary treatment services and/or may receive bus tokens to attend such medically necessary appointments.


  1. Consumers receiving perinatal services shall also be given education and training on topics that focus on the impact of substance use during pregnancy and while breast feeding, environmental effects of substance use on an infant, and HIV/AIDS transition and access to testing. The educational component may be delivered through groups, individual sessions and/or presentations.
  2. Confidential HIV/AIDS testing is available on site twice per month

Coordination of Ancillary Services for Consumers

  1. Consumers shall be referred for ancillary services through mental health, primary care, dental care, public health, social services, literacy classes, and educational and vocational training.
  2. Referrals provided to the consumers hall be documented in the consumer's file and the primary (assigned) counselor shall assist the consumer as needed and/or appropriate by scheduling appointments with the consumer present and obtaining releases to coordinate care.

Screening and Coordination of Care for Consumer's Children

  1. Consumer's children may be screened using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) and/or the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP). the number of ASQ's and DRDP screenings will be tracked by the program assistant.
  2. Any needs that are identified through either the screening tools or throughout the treatment with the parent, a referral will be made to address any treatment concerns such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse, mental health concerns, and physical health problems.

Fees: the program is certified as a Drug Medi-Cal provider and covers the cost of treatment. For individuals who do not have Drug Medi-Cal coverage, a sliding scale allows for affordable program cost. No person is denied services for an inability to pay.

Contact Information

301 East 13th Street, Suite A
Merced, CA 95341
(209) 381-6850