Dual Diagnosis


The Dual Diagnosis Program is an evidenced-based integrated treatment program targeted for people with mental illness and coexisting drugs and/or alcohol abuse (or dependence).


Consumers will receive treatment for mental illness and substance use disorder from the same practitioner and treatment team. The relationship between mental illness and substance abuse (or substance dependence) is complex, and the treatment of people with co-occurring disorders is more complicated than the treatment of either condition alone. Substance use disorders are common among people with serious mental illness and may put them at risk for many other problems. However, with the help of Integrated Treatment Programs consumers can develop hope, knowledge, skills and the support they need to manage their problems and pursue meaningful life goals.


Through the Merced County Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program, recovery services are provided through 14 Service components:

• Multidisciplinary Team
• Integrated Treatment Specialist
• Stage-Wise Interventions
• Access to comprehensive services
• Time-unlimited Services
• Outreach
• Motivational Interventions
• Substance abuse counseling
• Group treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders
• Family interventions
• Alcohol and Drug self-help groups
• Pharmacological Treatment
• Interventions to promote health
• Secondary interventions for non-respondents

​Contact Information

For more information regarding the Dual Diagnosis Program, please contact us at (209) 381-6800