Workforce Education and Training

Purpose: The Workforce, Education and Training (WET) component serves to remedy the shortage of qualified individuals to provide services to address severe mental illnesses in the public mental health system, and to transform service delivery and to promote the employability of consumers. WET funds projects in these categories:

  • Financial Incentive Programs       
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Staff Development
  • Mental Health Career Pathway Programs

 WET Programs strive to meet the following goals: 

  • Have a workforce fully integrated and reflective of the cultural & ethnic diversity of consumers & family members at all levels of the workforce including: employees, interns & volunteers.
  • Provide infrastructure to support workforce opportunities & integrated education & training throughout the system.
  • Enhance staff training, develop opportunities & career pathways for County & Community Based Organization (CBO) staff.
  • Provide training & education opportunities in the mental health system. 

Visit the WET Programs page to learn more about Merced County's approved WET Programs or contact the MHSA Coordinator at
(209) 381-6800.