12 Steps Group

This group meets weekly and reviews the powerful 12 steps approach to recovery.  The group teaches and leads people through the steps attaching it to recovery in all areas of our lives.

Anger Management

This group focuses on the basic fact that it's okay to feel anger but it's what you do with the anger that you are feeling. the group looks at how to cope with the feeling in productive way so it does not ruin your life.

Art Group

Group meets weekly and focuses on the healing power of the arts. The group is co-facilitated by members and staff and allows people the chance to use their hands and their hearts and they do not have to talk in order to obtain the benefits of the wonderful group.

Community Advisory Committee Meeting

This meeting takes place every week and consists of any members that are interested. Clients work together to decrease stigma associated with behavioral health issues and assists members/clients in reaching their full potential. The group and events that take place, joins in the quality improvement committee as will as sits in on the executive staff meetings to share input in and provide insight.

Community Meeting

This meeting is held on a weekly basis for all members of wellness center and all staff. People are invited to discuss what is taking place that week, make suggestions, provide feedback, and share stories of recovery and success taking place in their own lives. This is an excellent place to receive peer support and feedback.

Dual Diagnosis Class

This class focuses on the stages of recovery, examines recovery from issues of behavioral health, ways to cope and offers valuable peer support model.

Karaoke/Dance Group

This group takes place on a weekly basis and opens people up to the power of song and dance. There is much research behind the healing effects of these two expressions of the self. Please come and join us.

SEA Group

This group is the South East Asian Woman's group.  The group attends activities in the community, utilizes peer support in working towards recovery and focuses on the building of coping strategies to deal with the stressors of everyday life.

Spiritual Group

This group is not based on any particular religion but looks at the fact that spirituality can be found almost anywhere and how we can incorporate this into our lives to become a health and whole individual.