Children's Medical Services (CMS)

Our Vision:

Merced County, a healthy place for all.

Our Mission:

To promote, protect, and preserve healthy living and safe environments.

Children's Medical Services (CMS) Programs

Children's Medical Services (CMS) provides a comprehensive system of health care for children through preventative screening, diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, and follow-up services. CMS administers several programs meeting specific health care needs of children.


View the CMS programs links below for their specific services and contact information.

California Children Services (CCS)

California Children Services - Medical Therapy Program (MTU)

Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP)

Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care
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Equity: Recognizing disparities and having a purposeful commitment to improve social conditions.

Innovation: Creative, data-driven solutions that make a difference.

Integrity: Honest, respectful, and non-judgmental with high ethical standards.

Leadership: Trusted key partner, creating change through inclusive collaboration.

Quality: Promoting, expecting, and maintaining excellence through an expert workforce.

Responsiveness: Agile and able to adapt to community needs.

Service: Committed to beneficial system change, education, advocacy, and prudent regulation.

Stewardship: Responsible and transparent management of resources.