Home Safety


Addresses should be easily visible from the street. Imagine the problem it can be for emergency personnel who may not be familiar with the area to find a house that has no visible address on a foggy night!

Depending on how far away your house is from the street, 2.5" to 4" numbering is required for the address to be easily seen. If your house is set too far back to be seen, prominently display the numbers on your mailbox, and also adjacent to your driveway to make it easily identifiable.


Exit doors of any kind must be able to open from the inside without tools or keys or special knowledge. The most common mistake is to install a double cylinder deadbolt on an exterior door. This may seem like a good security measure but creates a potentially deadly situation where a person without the key is trapped inside.

Sliding glass doors are in many circumstances required exits and generally must be able to open without tools or special knowledge as well. Glass doors and windows are often prevented from fully opening by window locks, bars, pins, etc. The important thing to remember is whatever device is used it must be easy to remove it from the inside. A window lock that is compressed or pushed on the fixed window frame and can't be removed by hand is not a good choice. Use locks or pins that a child can remove from the inside.

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