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How To Register

Come into your local Merced County branch library or a member of the San Joaquin Valley Library to register for a library card, and access a world of unlimited information. In order to register you must provide two forms of verification of your current address and/or a photo ID.

Please note: If your current address is not on your photo ID, please bring in one item to verify your current address. Acceptable items are provided below.

Preferred Photo Identification

  • California Driver's License
  • California Identification Card
  • Government Issued ID Card
  • Current Passport
Please note: A parent's or guardian's identification is required for a juvenile's registration. The juvenile must be present to receive a card.

Verification Of Address

  • Recent utility bill
  • Official mail via USPS with recent postmark
  • Vehicle registration or proof of insurance
  • Imprinted checkbook
  • Current rental / lease agreement
Please note: If an adult does not have a photo ID, two of the three items noted above may be used.

For additional questions or information on how to obtain a library card, please contact (209) 385-7484.

Library Card Applications