Human Services Agency

Director's Message

The Human Services Agency (HSA) serves individuals and families in Merced County through a variety of assistance and support programs designed to promote self-sufficiency, safety and well-being of the residents in our diverse community.  At HSA, our vision is to have "Strong, healthy families in a resourceful community."  The Department achieves this through its mission to improve the well-being of our community through service and partnership.

A strong community starts with having strong families, and at HSA, we provide services that address the basic necessities of our residents such as housing, food, and healthcare.  Some of these programs include CalFresh, CalWORKs, Medi-Cal, and Housing Support programs. Services are offered to families to strengthen parenting, family and support systems while ensuring children are safe and healthy.  Community members are able to engage in employment services that will provide opportunities for a brighter future for themselves and their family.  We provide protective services to vulnerable adults and supportive and long-term care services for at-risk and dependent adults.  Veterans are provided assistance and advocacy in obtaining benefits with the respect and dignity they deserve.  While the majority of our programs have eligibility criteria and are designed to help low income families and individuals, many of our programs are available at no cost to any resident in the county.

Community engagement is critical to the success of this work and we collaborate with community partners such as Education, Public Health, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Department of Workforce Investment, other county departments, law enforcement, Continuum of Care (CoC), health clinics and the hospitals, and community based organizations. Through our collective efforts and partnerships, HSA strengthens our community, one family at a time.

Yvonnia Brown, Ed.D., MSW