Garbage Service / Waste Haulers

Residential and Business

Do you need to know which waste hauler provides service to your residence or business in Merced County? To locate the proper waste hauler, please refer to the Refuse Disposal Service Area Map.

These waste haulers have been granted the exclusive right by the Merced County Board of Supervisors to provide all curbside residential service and commercial roll-off bin service for the franchise areas they have been granted under authority of Merced County Code Section 9.12.020.

Drop Box Permits

Waste haulers are allowed to obtain a Drop Box Permit, which allows them to provide services solely for the collection of rubbish, by use of drop boxes (Merced County Code Section 9.12.040).

Drop boxes are containers designed to be loaded upon a vehicle for transportation to disposal site with a minimum capacity of 10 cubic yards (Merced County Code Section 9.04.030).

See waste haulers that have Drop Box Permits with Merced County for more information.