Adult and Aging Services provides a variety of programs to enhance the independence of adults and provide support for the families that help them. The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) programs are also run through Merced County Human Services Agency. These programs are notated with (AAA) after the program title.

Support Services

Service Provider Provided Services
Public Administrator Provides services to the estate of deceased individuals who died without a valid will and have no relative willing or able to handle the affairs.
Public Authority Recruits, trains, and offers care providers for IHSS recipients who do not have a family member or friend to care for them.
Legal Services (AAA) Gives free legal service for seniors.
Transportation (AAA) Provides free monthly bus passes and reduced rate bus passes for seniors utilizing public transportation services.
Alzheimer's Day Care Resource Center (AAA) Gives day care for seniors with Alzheimer's disease which includes meals, therapy, and recreational services.
Family Caregiver Respite Program (AAA) Provides respite for caregivers of seniors and for seniors who are caregivers.
Senior Community Service Employment (AAA) Gives training and employment for low income seniors.
Linkages Respite Program (AAA) Provides short-term alternate care for recipients so their caregivers can have a break from their duties.