Park Rules & Regulations


Rules and regulations for Merced County Parks are enforced by the Merced County Sheriff Department. For detailed information about Park Rules and Regulations, read Ordinance No. 1813 - Conduct in Parks.

Overview of Rules

  • Pets - Not allowed in parks
  • Firearms - Prohibited
  • Vegetation and natural features - All plants, animals, and natural features are protected and may not be damaged, injured, or removed.
  • Unauthorized fires - Prohibited; Fires shall be built only in a safe place established for that purpose.
  • Littering - Prohibited; All garbage shall be placed in provided containers.
  • Swimming - Permitted in designated swim areas only; Swimming is not advised in posed danger areas.
  • Amplified music - Must be confined to enclosed buildings unless otherwise approved by the Public Works Director; All permits for amplified music will be charged a $15 processing fee.
  • Concessions - No person shall sell or solicit any edibles, goods, or wares in County parks unless approved by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Glass containers - No glass containers are allowed on the bench areas.
  • Bounce houses - Approval from the Parks Office is required for any Bounce House Company. Insurance is required. View Bounce House Policy