Mission Statement


On behalf of the staff of Administrative Services-Purchasing, thank you for your interest in doing business with Merced County's Purchasing Division.


It is the mission of the procurement function of Administrative Services to service the requirements of all county departments; the business community; and the general public, in the pursuit of our efforts to:

  • To purchase materials, equipment, supplies and services as needed for the operation of the County of Merced in a most professional manner by ensuring all purchases are ethical, legal, and fiscally responsible.
  • To reflect the role of a service department to all County departments by serving as the primary contact between the various departments/divisions of the County and its suppliers.
  • To establish policies and procedures for the Purchasing Division and maintain a centralized purchasing function for the County.
  • To administer and distribute County surplus property. To conduct public auction sales for surplus property no longer required for use by the County.

Again, thank you for your interest. If there is any question regarding the contents of this webpage, as well as specific areas of interest, please do not hesitate to contact any one of our procurement specialists.