Reporting Child Abuse

About Children's Services Branch

Children's Services Branch (CSB) is dedicated to the preservation of families through the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Members of a 24-hour emergency service respond to reports of abuse or neglect by providing assessment, counseling, crisis intervention and, if necessary, emergency shelter care.

What is Abuse and Neglect?

  • Abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional
  • Neglect can be withholding basic necessities, such as food, clothing, medical care, etc., or the failure to care for someone properly
  • Financial exploitation

When in Doubt, Report!

Except for reports made in bad faith, a reporter is protected from liability, even if the report turns out not to be true.

Contact Information

To report child abuse or neglect, 24 hours a day, please call our emergency number at (209) 385-3104.

For non-emergencies, please call (209) 354-2560.