Human Services Agency


2115 West Wardrobe Ave
Merced, CA 95341

(209) 385-3000

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(209) 385-3000
(855) 421-6770 – Toll Free

Lobby Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Brown, Ed.D, MSW, Yvonnia Director   (209) 385-3000  

All Dads Matter 

3376 N. Highway 59, Ste. D
Merced, CA 95348

(209) 385-7521

All Dads Matter offers support, encouragement, and education to the fathers of our community with a goal of ensuring that every child has the opportunity to have a capable and caring father.

Resource Center

3376 N. Highway 59, Ste. D
Merced, CA 95348


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Henderson, Lamar Program Coordinator (209) 385-7521  

Children's Services 

(209) 385-3000 Ext. 5285

Link: Child Welfare Services

Child Welfare Services (CWS) is dedicated to the preservation of families through the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

In addition, CWS assists foster children ages 16 to 21 prepare for life as self-sufficient adults, conducts foster care home licensing, and facilitates the adoption of children that cannot return home.

Employment Services 

(209) 385-3000 Ext. 5265

Link: Employment Services

With self-sufficiency as a primary goal, employment services strives to overcome barriers to successful employment. Employment Services provides training, counseling, education, and work experience to CalWORKs recipients.

Family Services 

(209) 385-3000 Ext. 5470

Family Services provides access to numerous programs designed to temporarily assist families during financial difficulties. Benefits include cash, medical, and food assistance.

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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Arana, Mary Ellen Family Services Deputy Director   (209) 385-3000 Ext. 5455