What are "supplemental" property taxes?
“Supplemental” taxes are additional secured taxes that are due when property undergoes a change in ownership or new construction. The additional tax is owed because the County Assessor is required to immediately adjust the January 1 value to reflect the new value of the property. Adjusted for the number of months left in the fiscal year, the supplemental tax bill represents the tax due on the difference between the old and new values. Contact us at 209-385-7592 for more information.

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1. What are "supplemental" property taxes?
2. How are the supplemental tax amounts determined?
3. When should I expect my supplemental tax bill(s)?
4. Why did I receive more than one supplemental tax bill?
5. When is the supplemental tax due?
6. When does the supplemental bill become delinquent?
7. If I don’t pay on time, will I be charged a penalty?
8. When should I mail my payment to avoid penalties?
9. Is a private postage meter date the same as the United States Postal Service postmark?
10. Can payments be postmarked on the deadline date?
11. Can I pay my supplemental property tax bill with my credit card?