What are the duties of a Conservator?

The court can appoint a conservator of the person only, the estate only, or both person and estate. It is the policy of the Public Conservator to serve as conservator of both the person and estate. The following is a brief summary of a conservator's duties.

  • Conservatorship of the person: the conservator arranges for the conservatee's care and protection, decides where the conservatee will live, makes arrangements for the conservatee's health care, meals, clothing, personal care, housekeeping, transportation, and recreation.
  • Conservatorship of the estate: the conservator manages the conservatee's finances. locates and takes control of the conservatee's assets, collects income due to the conservatee, makes a budget to show what the conservatee can afford, pays the conservatee's bills, invests the conservatee's money, and protects the conservatee's assets.

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