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Agricultural Commissioner

  1. Incidente del Pesticida o Queja de la Enfermedad
  2. Pesticide Incident or Illness Complaint
  1. Pesticide Disposal Survey

    In an effort to assist with the disposal of unwanted or obsolete agricultural pesticides, the Merced County Agricultural Commissioner's... More…

Community and Economic Development

  1. FOCUS Information Request

    Request for information from the Gov2Gov FOCUS program at Merced County.

  1. Merced County SGMA Mailing List


  1. Candidate Information Statement
  1. Election Worker Application

    This application is for prospective Election Worker. If you are a Merced County Employee or are under 18 years old please fill out your... More…

Public Health

  1. Emergency Medical Services Incident Report

    Use this form to report an Emergency Medical Services related incident online. All information submitted is kept confidential. If you... More…