Public Records Act Request (Public Works Department)

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Request for Information:
Please complete the items listed below so we can promptly process your request for information in a timely manner.

Please be specific and state clearly the type of information that you are requesting. To expedite your request, please indicate the application number, document type, file name, street address, assessor parcel numbers, or other helpful information.

In general, all records in our possession are public record subject to disclosure through a "public records act request" in accordance with California Government Code Section 6250-6276.48. Such requests must be submitted in writing and the requested records or documents clearly defined and identified. The Department has up to 10 days (if needed) in which to comply with the request and a nominal charge will be required for any copies that are requested. (The required 10 day notice also may be extended, if needed.)

Please be assured that your request for information is important to us and immediate access to records and documents cannot always be accommodated immediately. Requests for large volume documents, historical/archived files, or for active application files requested near a Planning Commission or Board of Supervisor meeting date may not be processed. Extensive research or substantial photocopying may take a reasonable amount of time to process. It is advisable to make an appointment so that records or large volume files can be gathered in advance.

Please contact the Public Works Department at (209) 385-7602 to schedule an appointment and arrange appropriate accommodations.

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